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Bosch Artisan Training Center

About Bharath Education Society (BES)

Bharath Education Society (BES) was started in the year 1971 with the aim of providing quality education to the poor, deprived and rural students. The core idea was to allow the students from this segment of society so that they are brought up to the level of students belonging to the privileged class. The aim of the Society and the Institutions is to enable and facilitate learning through complementary networks of students, faculty and industrial pioneers. Mission of BES is to transform students into well educated, socially responsible and competent citizens beneficial to the society. Starting from primary education to degree level, Bharath Education Society has 13 different institutions including CBSE school located in the same campus of 4.43 acres of land in heart of Bengaluru i.e., Jayanagar IV block.


Over the past 60 years, Bosch in India has created a space for itself in the society not just as a technology and innovation pioneer, but also as a company that ‘Cares’. BOSCH corporate social responsibility endeavours, known as ‘Bosch Social Engagement’, aim to make a difference in the communities in which Bosch operates. Bosch Social Engagement program is designed to create clear storylines as per the needs of society, to create long-lasting impact and change the lives of the people for the better. The aim of BOSCH Artisan Training Center is to produce skilled and professional Artisans for the country, who will be able to meet the current and growing customer and market expectations, such as in Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical and Masonry.

BOSCH under BOSCH India Foundation (CSR) has sponsored and inaugurated “Artisan Training Center” at BES Institute of Technology on Worlds Engineers Day.

Inauguration of BOSCH Artisan Training Center & Engineers Day Celebration @ B.E.S Institute of Technology by

  • Sri R K Shenoy,
    Senior Vice President, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions
  • Dr O P Goel,
    Senior General Manager, Head-Bosch India Foundation, CSR & Skill Development
  • Sri M Krishna Das,
    Secretary, Bharath Education Society
  • Sri K R Nirmal Kumar,
    Chairman, Governing Council, BES Institute of Technology
  • Smt B L Nandini ,
    Treasurer, Bharath Education Society
  • Prof N S Vijaya,
    Director, Bharath Education Society
  • Principal & Staffs,
    B E S Institute of Technology
  • BOSCH Trainees and Engineers/Officers
Bosch Artisan Training Center Inauguration